A Senior Living Podcast that Informs, Educates and Influences Design

May, 2019

If you’re an owner or operator of a senior living community and haven’t heard of the Senior Living Podcast Bridge the Gap, you must be living under a rock!

This senior living podcast had its debut earlier this year; dedicated to informing, educating and influencing the future of housing and services for seniors. This senior living podcast is not only for owners and operators of senior living communities but for anyone working in the senior living housing industry from designers and contractors to community managers and marketing professionals.

You’ll find hosts Lucas McCurdy and Josh Crisp traveling to multiple trade shows and conferences across the United States to meet and interview with key individuals in the senior living industry. For instance, in one of their episodes, they spoke with Dean Maddalena from Studio Six5 on how he got started in senior living. The conversation delves into where he finds his inspiration and how he looks at failures as learning opportunities. You also find out how Dean expresses his creativity through his shoes and socks! You can listen to the senior living podcast featuring Dean Maddalena here.

In another episode that aired earlier this year with Melissa Banko, they discuss what it means to plan and design for a senior living community. The conversation emphasizes how crucial it is to speak with a designer who can find out your end goals and get the right person on board to install. There are benefits to working with individuals familiar with the senior living industry. They understand how the space needs to attract child-adults, but also fit into the current community and be functional for the seniors who will be living in the space. You can listen to the senior living podcast featuring Melissa Banko here.

As this podcast is in its infancy, it will be interesting to see how Lucas and Josh’s senior living podcast Bridge the Gap continues to inform, educate and influence in the changing, occasionally challenging, yet always rewarding world of senior living.


About Josh Crisp and Lucas McCurdy

Josh Crisp is a senior living executive with 12+ years of experience in development, construction, & management across the southeast. Josh is Founder, President & CEO of Solinity, a senior living development & management company designed to reshape the industry to better meet the needs of the aging & create intergenerational communities.

Lucas McCurdy is Senior Vice Presdient at Coastal Reconstruction Group. He is a husband, Father, and 3rd generation leadership in our family business.  A problem solver. His family business is being a general contractor who helps owners and operators make their communities safe and beautiful for the people that live there.