Designing an Inspiring
Senior Living Environment

May, 2019

Basic principles of senior living design include following state codes and ensuring the safety of residents. Design essentials include features that minimize falling and provide support. Inspiring elements for senior living design includes spaces that feel like home, incorporates outdoor living, creates a community connection and considers the finer details.

Home-Like – More consideration is given to creating places that are less institutional and more like home including the elimination of nursing stations and removing med carts while adding familiar elements such as fireplaces, live plants, high ceilings and intimate seating areas.

Outdoor Living – It’s vital to include access to the outdoors when creating an inspiring senior living space. Walking paths, outdoor gardens and large windows help increase the well-being of seniors and provide them with a choice.  The creation of microclimates can address potential discomfort and problems created by glare, heat, cold and wind.

Community Connection – Creating community helps seniors feel more engaged with each other and their surroundings.  Flexible dining rooms and multi-purpose spaces can encourage interaction and support relationships. Facilities built within larger communities also provides further opportunity to connect with others.

Fine Details – Finishing touches help complete a senior living facility; making it feel more home-like and familiar.  Décor, material, colors and patterns, lighting, flooring, furniture, and accessories should all be considered in the final design.